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Amy Solomovitz Darer

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the Unites States in 2007.studied Graphic design in Haifa Israel and at the Caracas Design Institute.

Later on I joined  artist Walter Marguli's workshop. He guided and mentored my work for a significant period of time.



MILAGROS BELLO Curator said about Amy


Amy Solomovitz initiates herself in art through the watercolor; a meticulous and arduous technique.

The artist engages passionately with her work due to its coloristic characteristics. Her work engages forms of the vegetative nature. It is her particular vision of a lively nature what captures her spirit. Watercolor enables the eye to enter the world of transparencies and all  to the surprising hues of colors derived from its combination with water. In such works the random drop of ink will result in the enjoyment of a subtle aesthetic secret.

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