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Amy Solomovitz

Each piece allows me to disengage of the routine to immerse in my own world, where I rejoice within the happiness that the many colors and hues provide to my spirit.


When I look at the process of each piece I can hear them whispers about the complexity and evolution of the journey.

Painting is a  passion… my passion. Whether it is watercolor or any other mixed technique; I play with pastels, crayons, acrylics, ink, gouaches, to reflect the flowing of my feelings, my soul and my spirit.


Out of all the painiting techniches,sole watercolor or  watercolor combined with other materials is the most authentic ,rather naive. It has the ability to engage with the innermost feelings of the artist….Each color resonates to a different emotion, when being alone or in combinations…

Blue, Green turqouoise and purple talk to me about hope and dreams:  Green is tranquility,peace and comfort…blue and turquoise are a gift of confidence  tranquility and serenity and finally , purple takes me to the world of nostalgia and melancholly.

The completion of a piece means to indulge in happiness

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